How to Make a Homemade Mrs Clause Costumes

Mrs. Claus is a plump, elderly female counterpart to Santa Claus. She is usually shown in a full-skirted red dress with an apron and white hair. As Santa’s wife, she is often depicted in Christmas movies as a sweet woman with an assertive personality.

Mrs. Claus costumes are very popular at Christmastime, but good costumes are expensive. It isn’t cost effective to purchase a costume you’ll only wear once a year.

Dress or Skirt

You may already have a red dress or skirt in your wardrobe. The skirt for older Mrs. Claus runs about ankle-length. If you have a skirt instead of a dress, a white or red sweater, oxford or knit shirt will be fine on top. If you have a red dress that isn’t long enough, you can purchase red fabric and whip stitch it to the bottom of your dress. Measure the hem of your dress before you buy the fabric and don’t try to match the same red. Instead, find a fabric that is much darker than your dress or has a pattern so your costume has a two-tone look. Look through sale and clearance racks; many holiday prints go on sale near Christmas. Wear black or red shoes with the dress or skirt.

Simple Apron

Purchase a simple white apron or make one with a long rectangle of white fabric. Pin the top corners of the fabric to either shoulder with decorative stick pins, or even safety pins with red and green beads on them. Tie the fabric around your waist with a length of red, green or white ribbon.


Powder your hair white with baby powder; this works especially well on dark hair. On light hair you may have to use a lot of powder. Part your hair straight down the middle and roll it into a loose bun at the nape of your neck. Put bobby pins on either side of the part to add to the effect of you being older.

Makeup and Glasses

For finishing touches, add blush to your cheeks. You can draw laugh lines around your mouth with eyeliner. Wear an old pair of glasses without the lenses, find a pair of very weak reading glasses or purchase costume pince-nez glasses.